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One Hit Wonder
One Hit Wonder

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PostSubject: IRC/chatbox?   Thu 11 Jun 2015, 00:09

Since the TS is pretty much only used for formal in-game chat and such, wouldn't it be nice to have an IRC channel or a Chatango or something for the general bullshit chitchat? I know Chatangos can be embedded into forums.

Might be something to look at.
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PostSubject: Re: IRC/chatbox?   Thu 11 Jun 2015, 01:21

We had a chat-box a few months ago.

It was... discontinued. After some issues.

Also, don't worry about the TS, while it's technically used for ops and PS2 stuff there are dedicated channels for other games, solo runs with music and other uses, you can feel free to use it as you please.

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Come here often?
Come here often?

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PostSubject: Re: IRC/chatbox?   Thu 11 Jun 2015, 02:20

Generally people use Day 2 Day Planetside for any chats. People generally join that channel and you don't necessarily need to play the game and can just chat if you want to. Think of of Day 2 Day Planetside channel as channel where you can play solo and talk some shit or join a squad and do some shit or just chat.
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PostSubject: Re: IRC/chatbox?   Thu 11 Jun 2015, 06:31

Exactly, dont take the title of the channel to serious, you can join everywhere at any time! If someone realy wants to be alone they will say it, or will change theier name.
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Forum General
Forum General

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PostSubject: Re: IRC/chatbox?   Thu 11 Jun 2015, 16:36

We used to have a chatbotx over here but it totally fucked up the layout of the website, as mentioned by the boys, feel free to just sit down on the day2day channel.

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PostSubject: Re: IRC/chatbox?   

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