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 StrayVanu's application

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One Hit Wonder
One Hit Wonder

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PostSubject: StrayVanu's application   Wed 09 Sep 2015, 03:13


I read on reddit that it'd be okay if I can't speak on TS, so I figured BAWC would be a nice outfit for my alt. I sadly do not know how much I'll be playing her, but right now I very much fancy the Carv/Tsar-42.

Ingame Name: StrayVanu
Age: 24
Previous Outfits: ZODT
Why did you leave previous Outfit?: Didn't leave.
Are you a ginger: N
Are you aware of The Murdok?: Wot. Actually found some shadowplay just yesterday where he wrecked me.

Maybe you saw me at some point on my vanu called Veph. Some of you sure did. (Is this even appropriate in an application?) Lately our AFK-channel was a lot more populated than the squad/casual channels, so I've found myself barely playing the game anymore, maybe BAWC can help me out.
I believe it's a bit late for a TS intro, but I'll be around tomorrow evening.
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Sergeant First Class
Sergeant First Class

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PostSubject: Re: StrayVanu's application   Wed 09 Sep 2015, 04:01

Woh mate. writing an application this late in the night? You insane to be awake this time of... oh.. wait.. I'm awake as well...

Interesting video you got there. Maybe we as TR need to take that one down from youtube, cause it's bad for us xD Well.. at least you got executed by a [BAWC] soldier at the end. (TAKE THAT!)

(Whatch out that guy (me) is not an officer. So simply said: I just happen to be online at this time of day and saw your video and liked it xD has nothing to do with your application^^)
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PostSubject: Re: StrayVanu's application   Wed 09 Sep 2015, 04:15

There are a few things I feel a need to point out.

You have demonstrated - in video format even - a good ability to utilize short-range bolt-actions like the SAS-R etc. (they are all identical stat-wise) well. Good for you. You also demonstrated good HA use, at least no the realm of one-shoting people with a RL.

I don't know how good you are at anything else, so I am left concerned for your place in this outfit, both from the standpoint of how much fun you will be having and how useful you will be to anyone but yourself.

Firstly, though I see a lot of solo-competence from you, there is no evidence as of yet of your ability to do anything BAWC does - all that BAWC does requires teamwork, and will sure as hell not be the best for your K/D, and you seem to care about that.

You might find a good spot playing Infil with Jim and the rest of the crew, but that's 1) hampered by your possible lack of responding on TS, and 2) not the only thing BAWC does.

Secondly, with no mic and this being an alt - and I know from your own linked videos that you also have an NC alt - how much will we possible see and hear from you? ZODT can be hard to deal with, but from the example you showed us I saw people more concerned with not getting killed and scoring kills than pushing the building the TR was holding, and thanks to not doing that, you lost the base, hands down.

So, even assuming team-work is no problem for you, and you join us, and play here on occasion...

How often do we see you, and will we ever hear from you? What will happen should ZODT and BAWC both have and planned ops or even daily runs on Auraxis, where will you be?

Should you like it here in spite of my fears that you won't, you may find yourself a new home. If ZODT is as inactive as you say and you lack for an active place to be, you did pick the right outfit.

Think over what I said and let's hear from you. Who knows, you might just be here with us as we go into the next year.

BakaBT Anime Community
I am a Terran and I want to be free
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One Hit Wonder
One Hit Wonder

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PostSubject: Re: StrayVanu's application   Wed 09 Sep 2015, 04:54

Hey again, I can understand your concerns. As RickOzean already noticed, it's pretty late at the time of writing this, but I tend to be most active off-hours. Hence why you might get the impression I lonewolf a lot, which I do, but never intentionally.

I've grown a nasty habit of playing quite aggressively, which might bite me in the butt at times when I play medic (which is a class I very much enjoy regardless). ZODT consists of many such people like me and in the video I maybe shouldn't have posted, we have absolutely no coordination because none of the people have any experience in leading a squad. The two and a half people we do have are mostly offline lately, but I've become quite known as being a solid go-to for just about everything from flying a gal or a valk, to doing a defuse breach with a sundy into some AMP station, pulling battle busses, going A2A, going medic when we're short on those, or just do my usual HA role and Cover whatever passages I'm told to. I've been in pretty much all the roles this game could offer and I like the variety. I'll not quite be able to do this on my TR, simply because of the low BR, unless you don't mind stock vehicles...

I've actually got around 60% HA playtime and just about 20% infil, but noone really wants to see a HA farming stuff, so I took my infil footage. Pretty much the only reason why I've been playing infil lately is because the black camo looks best on it. No other reason really. If I do it, it's just on a whim and I feel overconfident.

The NC you saw in my video is just my test dummy, I barely use it at all. She's only BR 27 or so. And I really don't care about my KD on my alts. I barely even do on my main, cause I messed my stats up real good anyway.

I also tend to try and stay away from ops or SS. In fact, I avoid SS like the plague. But if ZODT actually becomes active in terms of ops and I feel like dealing with that, I'll be with them in all honesty.

How often you see me, depends how much playing TR stresses me out. I like a coordinated squad, and I like winning tough fights, but if there's no casual and fun play inbetween, I'll burn out at some point. I've seen and done everything on my vanu, so I'm here for a bit of change.

I hope this more or less answers your questions, if not, well, just pick me up into a squad if you're reluctant to take me into the outfit.
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PostSubject: Re: StrayVanu's application   

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StrayVanu's application
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