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 Shutdown of Planetside 1

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One Hit Wonder
One Hit Wonder

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PostSubject: Shutdown of Planetside 1   Sat 18 Jun 2016, 00:07

As announced here, Planetside 1 will offically close down on July 1st, at 4:00 PM PT (23:00 GMT). While people are trying to set up a way to perserve the game through PS Forever.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone planning on going in during July 1st and having a last hurra? I've never played Planetside 1 nor do I know anything about it (cept BFRs :v), but I'm curious enough to join with people from the groups and being there during a sad moment in history.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown of Planetside 1   Sat 18 Jun 2016, 01:15

I will leave this be. When PS1 was a thing I had neither rig nor net to play it, and by the time I did, I had forgotten it's existence, as BFR's had come and gone and PS1 was a shell of a game. I've never played it so I will leave this for the PS1 vets to enjoy. I will be watching any streams or video's though, and if PS forever becomes a thing, we might go there for a romp as an outfit.

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Shutdown of Planetside 1
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